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9:02 PM

The Thing in the Living Room

Posted by Terri |

For the last 10 years, I've lived with this Thing in my living room. Yes, it looked kind of cool. It would have been even nicer if I had painted over the hunter green paint that covered it...but honestly, I've been craving some calmness and space in my house. This Thing provided storage space, but it was super awkward, no square corners, just some weird shape that never really held stuff very well. My cat really loved the Thing and feels so displaced without it. It allowed him to walk from window to window without having to jump up and down - I honestly thing it encouraged him to be lazier than he already is. The fat cat cow already weighs 20 pounds and he's super peeved he now has to exercise to see out the window.
How it started:
The man was going away for a few days. I forewarned him that I might get into a 'bit of mischief'. Sure, I may have squeezed that into the middle of a lot of chat, but he should have known.
The day he left, the boy was sitting on the Thing, swinging his legs on one of the doors. The boy knew about my mischief and what I wanted to do.
"Can I swing this door off?" he asked.
"Sure." I said, not really thinking that he would. But he did.
"Can I swing the other one off too?"
"Sure." I figured, oh well, what's a few doors off this ugly Thing. Then I pulled out some crowbars and hammers, left them on the Thing and went out the door with the girl. I swear I was only gone 20 minutes. This is what I came home to.

Well, too late to go back now. What's done is done. Pick up the crowbar and join in, I thought.

It once was a window seat. And now it's not. YAY!!

It was a mother to get out. Very well built. I had thought maybe I could salvage it and put it in my bedroom, there is a ton of room in there. But once we started trying to take it out, it wouldn't go out without a fight, and we just had to destroy it. I had to call my brother to come help me get the base out. They used, I don't know, 10 inch nails to keep it all together. I may be exaggerating, but probably not. They were long. It took the two of us, some crowbars and tons of our strength to heave the bottom out of the floor.

I could always smell mouse shit when I walked in the house on damp days, I still can. (The kitchen is next. I know they're there...) This is a super blurry photo of all the crap that was underneath that Thing.

As always, the neat part is seeing how things are built and what's behind them. Like the wallpaper, that we knew was there, but it's kind of cool to see in the daylight.

Any guesses as to the year of the wallpaper? I was thinking late 1950's. I kind of like it, too bad it really smelled musty.

So, when the weekend was over, I went and picked the man up at the car park with my mittens on so that he wouldn't see the paint that was all over them. He didn't even notice the giant pile of wood in the trailer the was parked right next to the car. I think he only noticed our mischief because it smelled like paint. We were expecting a freak out, but he took it really well. We were a little disappointed, he's kinda fun to watch when he's spazzing out.


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