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3:20 PM

Wish I had a hot tub

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This weekend was crazy. I am so sore and achy and tired. Right now, I'm listening to someone else bang around in the back room and I am extremely excited that it's not me.

We had our contractor come on Friday and he gave us a ton of homework. Take out the flooring, take off the exterior siding, take out all the electrical and the rest of the bathroom walls - which we weren't quite done yet. We got almost all of it done, working 9 hours day. It was intense.

The bathroom walls are now gone.
We had mysterious helper #1 come, due to my facebook status, "if anyone has an urge to 'pop in and visit' me this weekend, bring a crowbar, you will be put to work." He was able to help take some walls and electrical down. Mysterious helper #2 came to bug us, but then he ended up peeling the linoleum off the office floor. That was a massive help because the way we took the plywood up was to take all the nails out first, so that it could come out in one piece, and scraping linoleum up would have taken us all night so that we could find the nails. Instead, at 9:00 pm, I was digging out nails, rather than digging up linoleum. Thanks to both our mysterious helpers.

Plywood up in the fireplace room
What was underneath the plywood in the fireplace room. It looks wonky, but it's really straight.
There was no dead animal under the fireplace room flooring like I thought there might be. It was actually made pretty well. The joists are super bouncy due to zero cross beams, but that will be fixed.

The office area on the other hand is a piece of work. We knew that the two rooms had been built or rebuilt differently, but it's amazing how different they are. We figure that the office was actually the old shed, especially after seeing the hidden outside door behind a wall.

We took out the insulation to discover there was 2 layers of insulation and wall and that the other wall was the old wall with door. You can't tell from the outside, it's covered in siding.
This double wall thing may actually be great. We'll see after we talk to a plumber. I really wanted all the plumbing on the outside wall which I know is a big no-no, but it can be done if there's a double wall built. And there is already a double wall, so...I may get what I wanted!!

What was behind the bathroom and office walls.
I'm of two minds when it comes to what was behind the bathroom and office walls. I'm super excited that there was brick and it's not too ruined. Not so excited that they painted it. It just means that I have to get rid of the paint. After doing research, I've discovered that soda blasting (instead of sand blasting, you use baking soda) is the best thing to do with brick because it doesn't ruin the brick. I haven't checked yet if Home Depot rents soda blasters. I'm the one that's going to have to do it since I want the brick. The man has washed his hands with this one.

The office under the plywood
Under the plywood in the office, it's a little sketchier. The joists are maybe 3 feet apart but the joists are unfinished 2x12's. They're covered with old wood that we'll be keeping, it's good and solid. Under that was grungy insulation and chicken wire. I've taken all of the insulation out and tonight's job is the chicken wire.

I'm waiting till tonight so that I don't want to get in the way of the contractors, who are hoisting up the roof so that they can replace the back wall. Plus I don't want the ceiling to fall on my head either.

Jacking up the roof
The back wall is coming out.
We've had to put all the insulation and wood and everything somewhere, so we put up our trailer trash garage on the deck and piled everything in there.

The contractor should be here for the week redoing the walls and floor insulation and the man and I will be doing other things at night. I think it's going to move pretty quickly. We should have a nice shell in a few weeks. But tonight, we'll be open to the outdoors.


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