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2:04 PM

Got the Dumpster!

Posted by Terri |

Excitement galore!! I've never had a dumpster in my driveway before - it's so nice to be able to dump all this crap (literally) in there and get it out of my house. All the moldy drywall, all the mouse pooped-on insulation, all the previously wet molding. All gone.

This is what salvaged tongue and groove boards look like. All the nails out and neatly piled. That's the Mans OCD tendency. Good for the work site though.

Not a whole lot of photos today, the man is back to work for a few days and there's not much left to do except get rid of the bathroom walls and rip the floor up. And the linoleum on half of the floor. Glued to the floor. Really glued to the floor. That may take a while.

The boy pulling down the rest of the vapour barrier (he was terrified of all the falling mouse poo).
We've asked someone to come and look at the rotten wood in the addition. The man keeps saying 'I can do that. We don't have to hire someone.' I realize he could do it, trust me, I think he can do everything and sometimes he gets frustrated at me. "I can't do everything!!" he yells. (But he can.)

I know that he could fix all the rotten joists but I want someone that has had experience in doing that, someone who has time to fix it. Someone who doesn't need days to research how to do it. I want it done yesterday. So, there will be someone coming on Friday to look at it. We're hoping to get some of the floor up so that we can see how much rot spread underneath. Then the guy can get a full picture of what needs to be fixed.

My job today while the man is at work is to climb on the big ladder and go over the entire ceiling where the T&G boards were, pulling out any leftover nails. Yay. It's not as fun working by yourself. Better crank the music and get it done.


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