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12:51 PM

Taking Down the Drywall

Posted by Terri |

We've now started ripping down walls at a better pace. I think we've found our groove. Instead of randomly smashing the drywall apart into little pieces, we look for the screws or spots where the screws should be and gently bang the hammer around until we find the screws. Then we unscrew everything and bam, the drywall is down in one piece. I'm sure you knew to do that - we didn't, but we've figured it out.

We have mostly been focusing on the outside bathroom walls. The bathroom walls are insulated so we assume that the fireplace room and bathroom were done first and then the freezing cold office was kind of done. Kind of because it has 2x6 walls but 2x4 insulation in them. It has chicken wire holding up the floor insulation, but when we peeked underneath, half of it was hanging down. The fireplace room has wood holding the insulation up. Things were done a little better on the one side. Except for all the open junction boxes randomly in the walls...Haven't found any ants in the bathroom walls. We have found mouse turds in the bathroom ceiling and a whole lot of dead potato bugs in one part of the insulation. And maybe a teensy baby dead mouse. Or a turd. I can't tell, what do you think?

Dead Mouse? Turd? Tons of baby potato bugs for sure.
We are making progress. It's always nice to see. We've been only doing this for a few day. Our goal is to be done by the fall. This room will be used as a rec room with a fireplace and it will be an awesome room to hibernate in. This past winter and spring were sooo long.

We plan on hiring someone to do some of the things that we know we don't like to do or that we're unable to do, so hopefully this reno will move along at a steady pace. I just called to order a dumpster (we've never done that before!!) but didn't realize that you should probably pre-order one...it may come tomorrow if one comes back early or it will come Tuesday. This weekend is the long May 24 weekend and we were hoping to have a lot of it taken out by the end of it. We're even going to rope the kids into helping whether they like it or not!

Before we started
Took down the walls and insulation


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