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7:28 PM

Crazy Lamppu (that's Finnish)

Posted by Terri |

I have a thing for lamps. Drives the man nuts. The crazier they are, the more I love them. I like their curves and different looks. I like how they're unique, you can't just go to the store and pick one up. Well, you can when it's St.Vinnies or Value Village.

Here's one lamp that I found last year.

I took it apart and spray painted the gold accents black. I added a white shade and added a white drum lampshade. When I get old lamps, I like to redo the electrical. Don't feel like having a fire in my house because of some old lamp.

So here's the new lamp that I found:

It needs a good scrubbing, I think it was in a smokers house. It looks white in the photos, but it definitely has a yellow tinge in real life. I bought a lampshade for it, Peterborough has no good place to buy shades, so I bought it at Walmart, but I think it doesn't really go well. I'm going to return the shade and I've ordered this shade instead:

White Cotton Drum Cylinder Shade

It's 8x8x11 and I just think that little bit taller and skinnier will look better. I may go to a fabric store and redo the shade, we'll see. The girl doesn't want me to paint the lamp and I kind of wanted to. I really liked what this blogger did to her lamp: Navy Bean Lamp Makeover. I'm kind of torn.

But, the man hates it and that's all that matters ;-)


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