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7:58 PM

Heat and Humidity

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What a day. Summer heat hit us with a vengeance. Yesterday it was a beautiful spring day, today - 40 degrees with humidity. And here we are working in a room that currently has stacks of insulation in front of it. Not a whole lot of air flow. We were dripping sweat not even moving. But we were moving. A ton.

The rot right at the end of the floor joists.
We found a little bit more rot. In a fairly important place. I think it's called the sill and it's where the floor joists meet a piece of wood. That piece of wood was all rotten. So. What to do. The outside jacks holding the roof up got removed and a new wall was built and placed on the inside, so that the a new sill can be put in. But, a floor needs to be put in, electrical needs to be put in before the floor, along with plumbing. And we're not ready for any of that. So in the meantime, we're sleeping with our back room wide open to anyone that wants to come in. The girl and I are sleeping very lightly. The man and boy haven't noticed any difference in their sleep. Lucky.

Jacks supporting the wall on the outside before we found more rot.
New wall on the inside so that the rot can be taken out.

We got to see what the insulation board that is going under the floor will look like. It's pretty cool. Some of that along with some fiberglass insulation on top of it will help keep this back room cozy and warm during our 8 months of winter.

Insulation board
We also had the fireplace guy come and check out the space that the fireplace is going and give us some suggestions on how to design the space. I had been thinking of windows all along the top, but we're putting in a direct vent with a bent elbow and that leaves not a whole lot of clearance above the fireplace to put in a window. And you shouldn't put in a window that opens directly above the vent anyway, unless you enjoy carbon monoxide poisoning. Which I kinda don't.
This is the fireplace we chose. Enviro DV36, Cape Cod Style Doors
We had gone in a few days ago to try and find a different fireplace, maybe a bit cheaper. We ended up coming out of there ordering one for 40 bucks more. But it has a bigger 'engine' (fireplace guy speak) and that will help heat our back room more efficiently. It's been pretty cold in there for the last 10 years, I am so looking forward to sitting back there toasty and warm with a hot mug of tea. Well, not right now, I'm already toasty and warm and I have barely anything on, it's so hot. Not that I'm complaining, I do love this heat and humidity. Feels like home.


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