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3:37 PM

Re-Love it week

Posted by Terri |

My favourite part of doing any house project is the painting. And obviously, we are no where near that part.

I'm pretty sure I'm ADD when it comes to projects - I'm great at starting and have tons of ideas, I bounce around from one project to another without quite finished them. Sooner or later the projects get finished. Might take a few years, but still. They do get done.

One that has been staring at me, waiting for me to start has been these little drawer-tables that were in my back room. Since most of the stuff that was back there is now in my hoarding dining room, I put them at the front entrance. And I really like them there. That's their new home.

Then I bought the crazy lamp and the girl and I chose a colour to paint the little drawer-tables. It's her favourite colour and it also matches the little hits of blue in the crazy lamp.  I love colour and have been trying to make my house look grown up and mature, but I have moments where I say, Screw it, and do something really colourful.

This week I picked up a chair on the side of the road. It was from my neighbour down the street, she's super clean and her house is sooo cute - so I wasn't concerned about bed bugs. It's on the porch and I'm still deciding if I'm going to let it in.

Another little diversion I had came in the form of my friend Niina coming over to distract me and use me for my computer knowledge. Somehow we ended up at Vinnie's and the ReStore. I've had urges to spend money lately - this always happens when I'm supposed to be saving money - so I've justified that urge by going to previously loved stores.

We had a ton of fun and I think she's my new thrift store going friend.

I picked up some cute little bowls made by Pfaltzgraff. I had never heard of them before, but once I got online and checked them out - wow. There are some crazy people out there. People collect hundreds of these pieces, and honestly, there's not very many nice looking patterns. I liked these ones because they were sturdy, I liked the colours and my family eats a lot of cereal so bowls are always nice to have for those lazy weeks when we haven't done dishes. Otherwise, a majority of their patterns are 1980 country. Yuck.

I also picked up two Pyrex measuring cups. Always handy and now I can give my plastic ones to The Village.

There was a nice green flower pot that I don't know what I would use it for since I murder plants - but it called my name and I was in big spender mode.

I'm in the middle of a reno, so don't go judging my dust bunnies.
And. I picked up a lamp. I hid it in the car so the Man wouldn't see it. I have no self control when I see a lamp that needs some lovin'. I could also see it in my future back room, so it's not like it's not going to get used. Unlike all the yarn and knitting crap and computer parts that were hidden in my drawer-table. Things that are NOT mine. Let's say they're not the kids either. So if someone gets upset at me about another lamp, I can just open my cute little drawer-table and remind him I'm not the only one with a hoarding issue.

12:39 PM

Oh the Neglect

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We've started to get a bit of the insulation up in the ceiling.Well, not really me, the Man. I've been super cranky and not a whole lot of fun to work with. So if I'm honest, the Man has gotten a bit of insulation up in the ceiling.  We decided to put little strips of R14 along the edges of the styrofoam vents. Previously the insulation touched the ceiling and there was no sign of rot. So, yeah. The more insulation, the better.

Roxul rockin' the ceiling
Roxul is very different to work with than fiberglass. It's fragile and likes to be handled gently, otherwise it will tear and fall apart. It can't handle abuse like fiberglass can. But it's thicker looking and looks prettier in between the joists. I mean look at it - it's denser but it just stays up there all by itself!

Our addition is taking up so much of our time and energy and the rest of our house isn't getting quite the attention it's used to lately.

Look. Look at my poor backyard.

The Man usually goes over the yard on his hands and knees (actually he lays on his side) and picks out all the weeds. We don't do weed killer on the lawn. The Man is the weed killer. But, oh, the neglect.

And see our firepit hole to be - that I plan on enlarging - maybe next year. Weeds and neglect.

And my poor lavender. Hidden and beat up by the hillbilly garage. I hope you recover.

On a good note, I'm being forced to choose what kind of lighting is going in the bathroom, what type of shower system we'll be using and to pick fans out for the main area. Oh, my favourite kind of torture.

12:33 PM

Halfway There?

Posted by Terri |

Wow, can reno's ever take up all of your life. My poor Man comes home every night from work, eats and gets started on the back room. We've moved along quite a lot from the last time I wrote. I have another addiction cough*rollerderby*cough that takes up the other half of my life, so between everything, time slipped through my fingers.

What have we done in the meantime?

Laid the floor. I have no photos. It looks like a plywood floor. I'm okay with it. Remember how I was concerned about there being a bump in the middle of the floor and the contractor and his helper saying it would be barely noticeable. It's not true. We laid a very long plank across the floor and it's big. Like, an inch and a half big. Maybe more. I notice it when I walk. I don't know what we're going to do with it, but we're going to try and make it be part of our wonky house. Character, that's what it will be. Character.

Put baffles/ceiling vents up to keep the air flowing and the roof cool. Now we just need to figure out how to insulate with them in there. Do we put insulation next the gap or leave an empty space next to the vents?

Ignore the insulation, we were just seeing if it could stay up there without any help. It could.

Added 1x2's to the top of a framed wall so that we can have 2x6 walls - more insulation.

See the teensy strips of wood attached to the 2x4's on the top half?

Put plywood on the outside of the house and wrapped it all up cozy with Tyvek.

Outside: Driveway side

Outside: Not the Driveway side

Put windows in. (eek!! Now that was exciting. Makes it feel like a real house.) A HUGE thanks to my baby brother for getting us sweet deals and installing them for us.

Inside: Main Area and Bathroom Window at the far end
Outside (panoramic)

Outside: Corner of bathroom window and Main Windows

Inside: Side Windows - fireplace will be in between the windows

Bought lots of insulation. The pile is almost just for the ceiling.  We decided on Roxul because it has so many pros. If it gets wet, it will dry out. Whereas fiberglass is just ruined if it gets wet. Roxul is also fire retardent.

Now I'm looking at siding. I don't want wood, I kinda would like Hardie Board but I don't think I can afford it even though it looks really nice. So I'm kind of left with vinyl siding. It's easy to install and cheap. Yes, it will melt like a candle in a fire, but if there's a fire, I have insurance...

I have a red brick house and my current soffits and fascia are a pale yellow. I don't plan on changing them so I need a colour that's going to kind of last 20 years and not look too dated. I thought about Prestige Beige but then I saw this colour: Windswept Smoke. I like the dramatic look and think it won't date itself too badly. It's still neutral but not boring. It will look nice with red or orange (my favourite colours) Muskoka chairs...

Brick House
Soffit colour: Pale Yellow
I have no preference on which way the siding goes, I'm all about the colour. The Man wants the board and batten look, so that's what we're going with.
Colour of Siding: Windswept Smoke. How romantic.

So our next step is insulating the ceiling and putting up siding. If you have any thoughts on what we should do about insulating around the vents or not, please let me know. We've searched the internet and can't find a solid answer. We live in Canada where it's cold for 8 months of the year and need to make sure our back room is warm. Because the TV will be back here, which means we'll be hibernating back here for 8 months. Seriously.