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10:41 AM

The Ants

Posted by Terri |

We're onto the second room now, the one we used as an office and junk room. It leaked in this room too, but we were still hoping there would be no carpenter ants. Alas, there is. So far we see them above the door just like in the other room, but we think they'll be further up in the ceiling too.

This is the back wall of the addition. The fish eye look is because I'm using Photosynth, a free app that allows you to stitch together photos. So if they suck, sorry.
The view from the fireplace room. (There is no jut out of that wall, it stitched together oddly)
The view from the patio door. The cardboard box is covering up a door to the kitchen. It's going to be closed up in this renovation.

The little hallway that separates the fireplace room from the office.
At first, we were going to leave the side walls covered with drywall, but I think we're going to end up gutting the whole thing and try to salvage what we can. You can salvage insulation, right? There's a bunch that looks good. Part of me wishes we already had a garage so we could store all of this stuff that we're taking apart, but that's number 2 on the list; after this is all done.

Oh gee, what's under the plastic?? Besides mold...

Little ant tunnels, with the few dark spots being carpenter ants. Great.
I feel kind of bad, I started playing Roller Derby and they warned us that it takes over your life. The man is getting stuck doing a lot of the work, he complains, but I think he likes it. And hey, isn't coming up with the ideas/plans/design just as much work? That's how I've fallen asleep for the past year, thinking of what needs to be done and how we're going to accomplish it.


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