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Re-Love it week

Posted by Terri |

My favourite part of doing any house project is the painting. And obviously, we are no where near that part.

I'm pretty sure I'm ADD when it comes to projects - I'm great at starting and have tons of ideas, I bounce around from one project to another without quite finished them. Sooner or later the projects get finished. Might take a few years, but still. They do get done.

One that has been staring at me, waiting for me to start has been these little drawer-tables that were in my back room. Since most of the stuff that was back there is now in my hoarding dining room, I put them at the front entrance. And I really like them there. That's their new home.

Then I bought the crazy lamp and the girl and I chose a colour to paint the little drawer-tables. It's her favourite colour and it also matches the little hits of blue in the crazy lamp.  I love colour and have been trying to make my house look grown up and mature, but I have moments where I say, Screw it, and do something really colourful.

This week I picked up a chair on the side of the road. It was from my neighbour down the street, she's super clean and her house is sooo cute - so I wasn't concerned about bed bugs. It's on the porch and I'm still deciding if I'm going to let it in.

Another little diversion I had came in the form of my friend Niina coming over to distract me and use me for my computer knowledge. Somehow we ended up at Vinnie's and the ReStore. I've had urges to spend money lately - this always happens when I'm supposed to be saving money - so I've justified that urge by going to previously loved stores.

We had a ton of fun and I think she's my new thrift store going friend.

I picked up some cute little bowls made by Pfaltzgraff. I had never heard of them before, but once I got online and checked them out - wow. There are some crazy people out there. People collect hundreds of these pieces, and honestly, there's not very many nice looking patterns. I liked these ones because they were sturdy, I liked the colours and my family eats a lot of cereal so bowls are always nice to have for those lazy weeks when we haven't done dishes. Otherwise, a majority of their patterns are 1980 country. Yuck.

I also picked up two Pyrex measuring cups. Always handy and now I can give my plastic ones to The Village.

There was a nice green flower pot that I don't know what I would use it for since I murder plants - but it called my name and I was in big spender mode.

I'm in the middle of a reno, so don't go judging my dust bunnies.
And. I picked up a lamp. I hid it in the car so the Man wouldn't see it. I have no self control when I see a lamp that needs some lovin'. I could also see it in my future back room, so it's not like it's not going to get used. Unlike all the yarn and knitting crap and computer parts that were hidden in my drawer-table. Things that are NOT mine. Let's say they're not the kids either. So if someone gets upset at me about another lamp, I can just open my cute little drawer-table and remind him I'm not the only one with a hoarding issue.


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