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12:39 PM

Oh the Neglect

Posted by Terri |

We've started to get a bit of the insulation up in the ceiling.Well, not really me, the Man. I've been super cranky and not a whole lot of fun to work with. So if I'm honest, the Man has gotten a bit of insulation up in the ceiling.  We decided to put little strips of R14 along the edges of the styrofoam vents. Previously the insulation touched the ceiling and there was no sign of rot. So, yeah. The more insulation, the better.

Roxul rockin' the ceiling
Roxul is very different to work with than fiberglass. It's fragile and likes to be handled gently, otherwise it will tear and fall apart. It can't handle abuse like fiberglass can. But it's thicker looking and looks prettier in between the joists. I mean look at it - it's denser but it just stays up there all by itself!

Our addition is taking up so much of our time and energy and the rest of our house isn't getting quite the attention it's used to lately.

Look. Look at my poor backyard.

The Man usually goes over the yard on his hands and knees (actually he lays on his side) and picks out all the weeds. We don't do weed killer on the lawn. The Man is the weed killer. But, oh, the neglect.

And see our firepit hole to be - that I plan on enlarging - maybe next year. Weeds and neglect.

And my poor lavender. Hidden and beat up by the hillbilly garage. I hope you recover.

On a good note, I'm being forced to choose what kind of lighting is going in the bathroom, what type of shower system we'll be using and to pick fans out for the main area. Oh, my favourite kind of torture.


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