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The siding is ordered (and just got a call that it's in. It was supposed to take 3 weeks - it's been 3 days. We're not ready for it yet!!). The fireplace installation is booked. The 6 foot french door is coming and the little brother coming to install it has been booked. The ceiling insulation...not quite done yet.

Ceiling insulation ALMOSt done! Just a bit at the far end to finish.

We were hoping to get it done on the weekend. Didn't happen. But it will.

I'm sure that some people plan out everything they're going to do before they even start. Sometimes we're that people but sometimes we're not. We are going to be building a bathroom wall and are having a few issues. I'm hoping they get done this weekend, but you know how that goes.

The problem:

The bathroom is going to have a floor above it. We're in an older house which, as older houses go, there's not a ton of storage space. So the bathroom ceiling isn't going to go up to the top of the cathedral ceiling, it will go up to regular ceiling height -  about 8-9 feet. All the space above it will become storage.

The issue is how to build the wall, where to put the joists. The current side wall is taller than the supporting end wall. Which means that we have to run the joists from supporting end wall and rebuild the back wall. Does that make sense? Probably not. Here's a photo.

The plan is for there to be a built-in bookshelf/cupboards (more storage space) on the outside wall of the bathroom. Where the large gap of the storage space will be, there will be some sort of door bookshelf - so that you can just open the door and crawl in. Cool eh? Of course that's way in the future, but still.

Photo: bathfurnituremakers.co.uk
Photo: bathfurnituremakers.co.uk

Not as ugly as these bookcases, but you get the idea...imagine them going into a void with maybe a ladder to climb up...That's the plan. The Man has gotten a lot of tools for this reno and I plan on putting making him use them with my nefarious plans!! mwahahaha.


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