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12:25 PM

Blackboard Wall Diversion

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I'm supposed to be working on the last wall of insulation, but I'm stalling. It's a double wall, which means, there's the original wall and then there's a newer wall built in front of it. So both parts of it needs to get some insulation stuffed into it. I am so done with that picky, itchy crap. I'm doing anything to avoid it. Such as painting a blackboard wall.

Here's some inspiring photos of blackboard walls in kitchens:

I tell ya, I'm ADD with projects. A few months ago, April to be exact, I bought a can of blackboard paint. In July, I filled in a few holes. In August, I sanded it. And today I'm taping and priming.

The Man's philosophy with any of his purchases is 'Go Big or Go Home'. That's not really his philosophy in his own words, but one that I've decided is his after years of living with him and watching what he buys. Like his giant miter saw, his giant treadmill, his giant box of Canadian Tire tools that came in a big box and was pretty useless. We often influence our partners whether we like it or not and I've been purposefully attempting to influence him to do research on what he wants and what he actually needs to purchase, instead of randomly buying it cause it's big. He's getting better. He recently bought a normal sized super awesome drill and normal sized useful reciprocating saw. AND he decided NOT to buy a super ginormous router table because it was too big. He's a quick learner. *cough 18 years later cough*

His influence on me, for this project anyway, is that I'm goin' big. I'm not going to make a cute little framed blackboard project thingy, I'm doing a large portion of the kitchen wall. It's pretty big.

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