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Search: Fireplace Surround Slanted Ceiling

Posted by Terri |

We're not professionals at all but we get by. We do what I think a lot of DIYers do - google the crap out of what we need to know how to do.

One thing that we couldn't find anything about is how to build a fireplace surround that goes all the way to the ceiling when your ceiling is a slanted ceiling. I am an expert Google searcher and I could find nothing. So here's what we the Man did if you need to build one and haven't a clue how to start.

First, he went out and bought two things.  A Plumb Bob and a yellow do-thingy. You know, that's not really very technical for when you want help. 

A Plumb Bob

 and a yellow do-thingy that looks like this:

This yellow thing gives you the angle of your ceiling

Then he put up this piece

Then the next side

He made little wedges for the tops

So that they were screwed onto the tops of the side pieces

He put up two cross pieces

Added some wall pieces, the proper width for studs and a brace for the future mantel.

And then drywalled it all.

He built a frame for the stoop.

We bought a piece on concrete off of kijiji for 25 bucks.

The cat claimed it before we had a chance to drywall beneath the base...

The End.


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