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Almost done. For realz.

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All of a sudden, everything seems done and all that's left to do is organize all my crap and clean the rest of the house that we've treated like a construction zone.

Remembering that my camera is broken and all I have is my ipod to take photos with, here's what's been going on. Also, this blog is for us to document all the things we do to our house...so be prepared for lots of photos of what may seem like the same thing, but isn't.

Last I left you, the floor had gone in and was beautiful. Now it has a bit more character after being in our house for a while. You know, tools falling and us scraping stuff across the floor. We're not used to being careful with such nice things in the back room.

The Man started to work on our bookshelves. We used 5 Billy bookshelves from Ikea and the rest he built and modified. One of the specifications that we wanted *cough* I wanted *cough* was a secret door that went into the crawl space above the bathroom. An old house = sucky storage. The other was that I wanted it to look built in.

First he built a base to raise it so that we could use our 7" baseboard that we had all around the room.

Bookshelf base

This continued in front of the place where the door to the kitchen went. The one we blocked up.

Bookshelf base continued. Exciting stuff here.

Then he started placing the Billy bookcases on the base. Here you can see the storage space above the bookshelf and the blocked up doorway.

Putting in the Billy bookshelves
Somehow I missed taking photos of the Man building all the bookshelves above the Ikea bookshelves, so - Magic!

The bookshelves in place.

The secret door is open.
The secret door is closed.

Here's what the kitchen door looked like before the magic happened.

And here's after. Kinda.
We hemmed and hawed as to how to cover the edges. Especially since we used plywood and the layered look did not appeal to my perfectionist husband. Renos cost lots and lots of money so we trudged down into the dungeon and scrounged around to find old mdf beadboard pieces from our upstairs bathroom reno. The mdf got turned around to the flat side and that is what was used to trim all the edges. Money saved!

Edges are trimmed and wood filled
The painting begins! Finally.

I don't know why, but Ikea's 'white' furniture is pee yellow. It all had to be painted. With lovely oil based primer.

Note the cute little shelf that was built to match up to the other ones? No idea what we'll put in there. Maybe we'll have to start collecting something.

Just so you know, this is mostly all from my father. He has a movie addiction but is a minimalist and gives everything away. Of course we're not going to say no, it's always fun to get a box of 20 movies every few months!

So that is our bookshelf that I absolutely LOVE. I will leave you with a sneak peek of what it looks like mostly filled up with furniture on this side of the room. I'm currently organizing (that's why it's messy) and just though I'd take a break and a photo to show you.


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