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Posted by Terri |

I finally sold my two hunter green couches, couches that I had bought a week before my first kiddo was born. I had them on kijiji for months and didn't get a bite. So I took some new photos in front of my newly sandblasted wall and the next day I had two people after them! They were gone the next day - sweet!!

So now I'm currently on an internet hunt for a sectional. Preferably not the kind with the chaise. That doesn't feel like a true sectional to me. One of my many pet peeves. I realize it comes in sections, but I want to be able to sit anywhere and have something holding up my back.

What I'm looking for:

  • It's going to go in a fairly small space. The maximum length it can be is 100" and the depth is around 65-70". That makes it kind of tough since sectionals can be ginormous.
  • Thin arms to allow for more butt space.
  • Dark grey fabric. If it has slip covers, even better.
  • I'm torn as to whether it should have pillow backs or not. They're aren't my favourite. I often see after a few years they look all slumpy and messy. So I would prefer for it to have a sturdy, solid back.
  • I love the mid century modern look. I like a bit of a plain look too so that it will last for another 18 years. I'm cheap. I don't like having to buy expensive furniture.
  • Not so expensive that I need to sell a kid.
Here's what I found so far:

This is the Lure Sectional from Urban Barn. It comes in different configurations. The one that I like and that would fit in my house is the One Arm Sofa Return with a One Arm Half Chair. Price: $2360 plus tax.

The next on is the Ikea Karlstad sectional in Sivik Dark Grey. It's too big though. I wish Ikea would let us buy the corner piece separately so that I could buy the couch, corner and armchair to create my own sectional...do you hear me Ikea?! I want to a 'create your own sectional' option!! Price: $999 plus tax.

This is part of the Steven and Chris Collection. It comes in a bunch of configurations. One that would work for me is to purchase a corner, two chairs (which become the ends of the sectional) and an armless chair. I'm also not quite sure what fabric it comes in, but it seems that you can choose if you come into the store. Price: too afraid to ask.

So, that's where I'm at in my search. I'm just avoiding levelling the floor and doing some fun stuff that takes little effort.


Sue said...

I like them all, but pricewise, I like the Ikea one and need and want a new couch myself like the ones you are thinking of getting. Stopping by from Houseblogging.

Sectional Sofa said...

I personally buy 15+ items on Amazon every month. This is the second review I've ever done on this website. This couch looks great, however is not comfortable. It feels very hard, and the construction of this couch is also very cheap. However, if you want to stay around the thousand dollar price point for a large couch that looks good but doesn't feel good then this is the couch for you. I've owned this couch for three days and I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to ship it back. I don't love it. I guess shame on me for buying a couch on the website, not very smart, I should've sat on it first. Two stars because it's hard also low rating because the shipping company completely screwed up the order, and it showed up three weeks late. And, it took me almost an hour to put this thing together. Not an easy thing to do.

Philppe Susan said...

Except I'd say this is way more expensive than it's worth. The pieces do not fit together tightly, (yes, you have to put it together yourself), which leaves the back and side arms loose and wiggly. The cushions are about as nice as a summer camp bunk bed mattress, but springier so you kinda bounce when you sit down. And the picture does not do the fabric color justice. Imagine a weak chocolate milk. this small sofa Not pretty. Certainly not worth the price of the couch, nor the $100+ it cost to have it shipped to you.

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