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8:35 PM

Let the painting commence!

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I'm currently laying on the couch drinking something full of glucose-fructose and vodka, trying to rest my aching neck. I have been painting all weekend and it's been great! Even though I'm sore and hungry and wish someone would feed me, I look around and sigh happy sighs cause it's starting to look like a real house!

Most nights, before I go to sleep, I lay in bed and redesign my house. I paint and buy furniture and pull up floors and put in a new kitchen - cause of course I have an endless amount of money in my dreams - and then I wake up in the morning and walk through a mess of a house. How can this be? It was beautiful just before I fell asleep... Because of this I also have an unrealistic sense of how long things will take. Obviously, if it takes an hour or so at night for my brain to reconfigure my house, then other things in real life should be just as quick, right?

When the Man started mudding and sanding, I thought, "Oh, this will just take a week or so and I can paint next weekend." Hahaha. Three looong weeks later...I was finally pulling on my painting clothes and painting!

I have to say that he did a pretty good job - actually an excellent job - but we are never doing this again. Any mudding and sanding is going to be hired out. It causes so much stress and frustration and more than too much swearing at each other and it's not worth our marriage. Frustration for me because I want it done faster and I want it perfect. Stress on him because I'm pressuring him and he also wants it perfect. He does, honest.

So anyway, I've had a wonderful weekend of painting.

Painted the walls

And gave the ceiling one more coat, filling in the cracks that didn't get painted. Filling in allll those cracks. Reaching up and looking up and pushing paint into the cracks. That's where the sore neck came from.

When I was done, the Man went out to buy some 2x4's so he can get started on the fireplace surround AND flooring guys are coming soon to give me some quotes. That's another thing that I want to pay someone to do. They'll be able to do it in a day (is that an unrealistic timeline?) but it would take us months. And we'd have to rent tools for multiple days - like that thing you smack with a hammer. By then end of it, it would've been cheaper for us to hire someone and we would still like each other. Which is the final goal, to continue to like each other through this reno. :-)


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It's days like these that make a person understand why Michelangelo painted laying on his back. :)

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