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Mother's Day 2011, I asked that we pretty, pretty please start ripping down our horrendous back addition. It was full of ants and holes and the layout was not working for our family.

For Mother's Day this year I asked that the hillbilly shed be taken down. It had been on our deck for almost the entire year and I was so sick of looking at it, you have no idea. I missed the pear tree blooming because I couldn't see through the tarp.

Last year, this is what the right side of our back room looked like.

  Then we ripped it all out and it looked like...

Then came the building of the wall and loft area and we had this...

 And now we have a pretty bathroom that we all love. All it needs is a mirror, which I have been slowly trying to hunt down...I'm looking for a 4x4 mirror that is not going to cost me my first born as much as she's a hormonal teenager and some days I would love to give her away.

We're currently working on our ceiling. If you remember, C took down our previous ceiling. It was all tongue and groove cedar. I sanded and painted them and we were crossing our fingers that we had enough. Well, we don't. We're about 14 rows short and huh, most places don't carry them anymore.

C had some common sayings during this reno.

"This is going to be a challenge."

This ceiling has been a challenge in that we discovered they used 2 different sizes of tongue and groove and whadda ya know, they don't fit into each other. I guess that's what happens when you take down the ceiling from two different rooms...

Well, we are now all about challenges. I may have found a place that carries this T&G. It may be an hour away, but we will overcome!


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