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I've been slacking on the blog, but I haven't been slacking on the bathroom - it's almost done!!

What have we done in the last little while?

We put in the in floor heating, which I regret we didn't do in our upstairs bathroom and if we ever tile somewhere again, will make sure it's under the tile. It is awesome!
We also finished tiling the floor.

In floor heating!!
Heating Elements on the main area

And around the toilet

Poured Self Levelling Concrete. Scariest thing ever. It's so runny and you think, "What if this doesn't set right?"

Laid Ditra Membrane. When your floor is wiggling around slightly from regular humidity, this keeps your tile safe from cracking. And it's waterproof.
Peek! Here's the floor installed and grouted!
The tiles are dirty. Ignore that.

Tiled shower floor and curb

We finished the tiling of the 10 million subway tiles. Well, maybe 850, but still. It took around 30 hours for me to finish.

Schlutter Kerdi on the walls.
9 hours later..
Started on the tiles. We used a board under the second row so it would be level. johnbridge.com was indispensable.
Around 8 hours of work.
All done laying the tile!
Just testing to see how the showerhead and stuff looks..

Grouted with the curb visible

Put in the shower doors.

This was the instructions and parts that came with the shower doors. Most organized thing I have ever seen.

Painted everything.

Put up the lights

Put up window film.

Made sure we finished all the window and baseboard trim. We find that if we don't do it before the essentials it doesn't get done. Just like the one in the upstairs bathroom is waiting for me to finish it 2 years later...

The cabinet. One of the drawers won't close because pipes are in the way.
Ignoring all the crap on the floor, this is the view from the door.

I just ordered the tap for the sink, off of ebay, thanks to the thriftiness of one of my super thrifty derby girls. I would never have thought of doing that. Once we get that, we'll install it and the sink, put in the toilet and we'll be done!!


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