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How to lock the bathroom door

Posted by Terri |

We have been busy beavers this weekend. Even with the Roller Derby World Cup streaming live from Toronto!! I wish I had been able to get tickets, but this reno just sucks the money out of our bank account.

We've created a game plan for the next few weeks. We would have LOVED it if we had been able to finish this back addition before winter hit, but we now know we're really slow workers. And man, it's going to look good!!

I've been online looking at pocket door privacy locks. There isn't much out there that is affordable.

There's the ugly round ones

The bulky square and rectangle ones

The really crazily expensive ones that I don't think are worth it for a bathroom door

Halliday Baillie Locks

And the one that we're going to use. Mid range. Looks good enough but not too ugly.

Linnea Solid Brass Mortise Pocket Door Privacy Latch

I'm reusing our old bathroom door. 

It's solid wood and still in good shape and I plan on painting it white cause, you know, paint hides a multitude of sins. There was an issue though. When I printed off the template for any of the privacy locks, the previous door holes were too far from the edge and none of the new locks would have covered them up. What to do?

I found a great answer on yahoo answers.

I filled in the mortise area with a similar sized piece of wood and glued it in. After it set, I filled in any area that the wood didn't fill and shoved as much wood filler in there as possible. Sand, prime and paint. I make it sound so easy. Could be because I'm still at the sand and refill section...


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