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12:31 PM

The siding is finally finished!!

Posted by Terri |

The addition now looks like a real house!!


It took 3 weekends to finish. This is was actually pretty quick for us. We just have to put the soffits back up and we'll have finished the outside for now. 

Now we have to figure out where we're working next. Currently, we have an extra teenager in the house and having another useable bathroom, even if it was just the toilet and sink would be awesome! Hopefully that will be the plan cause having to wait an hour till you can pee in the morning is torture.


IMPRESSION "ein lebensgefühl-emotion of life said...

WOW, looks great..very good job!!!

Jennifer said...

I would send the boys outside to pee so I could have the bathroom that much quicker.

Terri said...

Thanks Elvira!!

Jen, the grass has turned yellow in spots and it's not just because winter is coming!!

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