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Tile error

Posted by Terri |

Things are slow going in the back room addition. I'm painting all the tongue and groove boards. There are about 200 of them. Or more. Feels like more.

 The Man has been working outside nailing up 2x4's around the window so that my little brother can put some aluminum or something around them to give them the framed look. The little brother says you don't need wood underneath, that he can just bend the metal so that it looks framed. But honestly? This is us and we're awfully good at banging into things. That metal will be dented like crazy if there's nothing underneath to keep it solid.

We have a visitor for a few days. Another teenager. I don't know how long they're going to be here but this should be interesting. Three teenagers and two adults with one bathroom. We better get crackin' and finish this thing so that none of us kills each other over cold showers!!

When we had a contractor here to work on our addition, the main thing we wanted was for our floors to be level and not bouncy and for everything to be structurally sound. Well, the floor in the bathroom is still bouncy. Grr. There's nothing we can do now except put another piece of plywood on top to strengthen it. I plan on doing the tiling and I will cry if they crack from bouncy underlayment. It's bad enough that I opened the tiles the other day and they were the wrong colour. And I can't return them. I did cry actually.

What colour I THOUGHT I bought
What colour I ACTUALLY bought

What happened was I got a super great deal through WagJag. I went in and I could have sworn that we looked up the tiles my brother had gotten and ordered the same ones. So I didn't check my tiles when I picked them up 8 months ago. I assumed that they were correct. I know, I know, when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me. So anyway, I opened them and they are really dark. Like black. And if you saw my previous post, I bought a dark Ikea vanity. So it's dark on dark. I'm trying to look at it that it's going to be a very masculine bathroom. I'm so disappointed because I hate walking in a room and just hating something every day. That's what's going to happen. I'm just going to hate it. Every. Single. Day.
The tile I have to work with
I know I pick on the Man for being a perfectionist, but this is my issue. Things don't have to be perfect, but they have to at least look like the image I've had in my head for 2 years. This doesn't. I don't have the money to go and buy new tiles. I keep looking at the receipt and going online and checking to see if somehow there was a mistake, but I can't find it. I'm debating at going into the tile store and looking at their tile board for this tile and see if there was a mistake on it saying it was one colour instead of the other. I just don't think I would've picked this colour!! I even have a photo of the one I wanted on my ipod! Maybe I should go in, just to cover all the bases. I'm ranting now, sorry. Arg. I'm just so disappointed.

Few hours later...
I did go to the store. I thought for sure their tile board was incorrect. But it was me. I ordered the wrong tiles. What to do? Well, I've decided I'm not going to live with it. I'm going to take apart my Ikea vanity and return it and get a white vanity. Good thing I like putting Ikea furniture together! Can't say I'm going to like taking it apart though.
You may think I'm nuts, but honestly, there's some things I can't live with and I would rather do things that feel like a hassle rather than regret it every time I went pee. I haven't told the Man yet; he'll probably tell me to just leave it and don't worry about it. But this is who I am. He nitpicks about things 1/8" out of place, I nitpick about colour.

A few more hours later...
yup. He told me to leave it, that he's fine with the two dark colours. Where's my ikea hex key??


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