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Ikea bathroom vanities

Posted by Terri |

I love putting Ikea furniture together. It's like lego for adults. If you ever need help putting your Ikea purchases together, give me a call.

The Man needed to be picked up from the airport, so after I found him wandering around looking lost, we stopped at Ikea to pick up our bathroom vanity.

In our previous bathroom reno, we bought a Godmorgon vanity with a Braviken sink.

I love the design of the vanity. I love that you have drawers that utilize all the space possible, instead of cupboards that just waste space. Our upstairs bathroom is very small and we needed as much creative storage as possible. After going through the bathroom and getting rid of a garbage bag worth of junk, everything we need fits in that vanity.

For our new downstairs bathroom, we bought the Godmorgon again, but this time we're getting a different sink. They didn't have this kind previously. Maybe they did elsewhere, but not at the Ikea I went to. 
We purchased the Odensvik sink with only one bowl. It's a bit deeper and since we bought a much wider vanity, the sink has some space on the sides! One con about the Braviken is that the sink expands to almost both side edges, not leaving a whole lot of room for hair dryers and straighteners...

We thought about trying to float the cabinet. They show that a lot in their catalogue, but that thing is super heavy and I can just envision it crashing down one day, so we'll use their legs. They're handy anyway when you have uneven floors since the legs are adjustable. It was very helpful when we did our reno upstairs with our sloping floors. This downstairs floor should be much more level.

So that's what I did this week. Along with help the Man drywall the bathroom ceiling and bring in all the main room ceilings tongue and groove. It's been sitting under our hillbilly garage waiting until we have room to store it inside again. I've been looking at it and debating what I'm going to do with it - besides put it back up on the ceiling. I think I'm going to paint it white. For those of you gasping with horror. Stop. It's starting to feel brittle and at least the paint will hold it together. Plus it's in that older honey shade which is not going to work in this room. Get over it.


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