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8:42 PM

A few steps forward

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Finally. We're moving forward. It's hard when your contractor has another project. And an incompetent helper. Is that horrible to say in a blog? He's horrible. He has no care about anything he does, leaves construction wood and things that he's working on all over the place when he leaves and won't be back for a week or so...we don't really want him coming back.

Our contractor is great though. He knows his stuff, he's just busy. The main reason we hired a contractor for some things is so that the project would move a little quicker. And I think it will once the things he needs to do for us gets done.Then we can start doing what we know how to do.

Our plumber came and put the plumbing in where we really wanted it - it's our risky bathroom. Risky because the pipes could freeze if we don't do a good job insulation them...but it will look so beautiful!

Pipes now along the back wall with room for a large sink!
We've gotten over half of the insulation in the floor now, taken the old back wall down and have a portion of a new wall up and put in some electrical boxes where we can.

The part of the insulation I haven't finished yet.
Electrical box in the floor waiting for vapor barrier
The Man put up a temporary wall on the older section of the addition so that he could take out the back wall. He had a little help from the Boy who keeps growing and is now taller than me and probably just as strong.

Temporary wall holding up the roof
The back wall is now down
What's left until we can get to the pretty part?? Too much. It's gonna be great though!!


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