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1:35 PM

Ch-ch-ch-changes ♪

Posted by Terri |

Oh, changes. Change of mind. Man, it can cost you.

We thought we would be okay with the bathroom against the inside wall. But we're not. The sink would end up being about 10 inches wide (I'm un-exaggerating, it would be more like 20 inches) and it would just look ugly. So the plumber needed to be called back to make some changes. That means the electrical needs a few tweaks and the insulation needs to wait until the plumbing is done before it can be completed. It's amazing how everything relies on everything else to be done before it can all come together. No, actually it's not so amazing, it's just a pain.

What we planned previously

The changes we want done.

I'm getting a little tired of renovating. Probably because it's at a bit of a standstill and I'm not seeing any progress. I'm sure though that when the few little things happen that need to be done it will start moving along.

I still need to find a place that rents soda blasters. I can't find anywhere in Peterborough that does and there's one person on kijiji that offers it but he doesn't answer his phone or emails. Gah. That really needs to be done as soon as possible.

Tonight the electrician is coming, we'll see how much can get done. Our contractor is here for one day this week to do some things...I sure wish I had Samantha the witch's talent to just wiggle my nose and get things done.

Oh well. There's not much I can do right now to help out. I think I'm just going to go out for a skate...


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