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1:29 PM

A Kick in the Pants

Posted by Terri |

How do you motivate someone to do something that they don't want to?

This is an issue I've been having. The Man needs to finish the drywall and he's stalling and although I do a lot of things, this isn't something I'm good at. I'm good at broad, not needing to be perfect things. Like painting and sandblasting, destroying things and dreaming up big ideas. Mudding and sanding is finicky and a better job for a perfectionist.

So I've been trying to 'motivate' him. Nagging doesn't work, leaving him alone doesn't work. Neither does crying, begging and pleading. Threatening to do it myself kind of works and I think I'm going to have to get out the tools for it to actually happen. 


I realize it's summer and it's so beautiful out there. You want honesty? This is what I'm tired of.

It looks like I'm a hoarder.

I'm not.

I like stuff, but this is crazy. This is my empty back room all shoved into my dining room. This is all our tools and construction stuff. Look! There's even a path, just like hoarders have.

I have even debated hiring someone, but number one - we're cheap. Number two - the majority of people we hire, we are not very impressed with their work and end up fixing it.

This is our floor that we paid to make sure it was level along with rearranging our walls. Something else we have to fix.

So, if you know an amazing, cheap drywaller and you actually have seen his work and know that there's no bumps, the tape is not visible and there's no bubbles in the finished product, let me know. I'm getting desperate and may actually put out some cash for this to get done.


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